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Mountain Pictures LLC was founded by the former Senior Editor for CBS Television series "Touched by an Angel" Since its inception, Mountain Pictures LLC has helped hundreds of clients increase their success. Our creative experience helps fulfil the clients vision and ultimate distribution.

Meet Our Creative Team

Still not sure if Mountain Pictures LLC is the right choice for you? We are convinced that our qualifications speak for themselves. Here is an overview of our top creative talent:


Steve Hennessey

Founder, President


Professional Experience:

  • CBS Television
  • Telescene INC
  • Mountain Pictures LLC


Awards and Recognitions:

  • Multi Emmy Award winning editor
  • Numerous Telly and Marque Awards



Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Brigham Young University. Most recently the Senior Editor for CBS/ Caroline Films “Touched by an Angel”, completing all nine seasons. His experience in the Film and Television industry span 29 years. His Expertise in live sports broadcasting took him to Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics, Athens Greece for the Summer Olympic Games 2004, and Salt Lake City Utah for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. Previously; NBC, CBS, ABC, ESPN, TNT, FOX Sports, Utah Jazz Broadcasting, NBA Entertainment, and numerous international networks was the beginning of his career. Other experiences include Co-Producing and Editing numerous National Infomercials such as RX for Brown Skin, BowFlex, Healthrider, NatureSleep,K10C Animated Bible Stories, and Franklin Foundation just to name a few. All of the infomercials were nationally visible and extremely successful for the clients. HealthRider was honored with the National Infomercial of the year 1993 award. Bowflex was honored as one of the Top Ten Infomercials of all time.

            Numerous “Telly” Awards for local and national commercials, training and sales products have been the rewards of his talents. An “Emmy” Award for the math program “Mad Math” as well as, several Emmy Nominations for “Touched by an Angel” has been the crown of his career. His love and passion for his work has created high demand for his time and talent. Directors such as Gene Reynolds (M*A*S*H), Peter Hunt (1776), Victor Lobl (Deep Space Nine), Tim Van Patten (New York Undercover/ HBO “Sopranos” The Wire) Bethany Rooney (Alley McBeal, Ed, Hyperian Bay), Gregory Harrison (Trapper John MD/Safe Harbor), and Chuck Bowman (Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman) each request his talent. His wealth of experience in Live Television, Sports Production, Film Production and both long & short format Post Production has proven to be invaluable in the development of “Mountain Pictures, Inc.” and his vision.


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